What to Give Dad for Father’s Day

It’s only a couple of days before Father’s Day, and you’ve probably ran out of ideas on what to give your dad for this very special day. It’s not like he’s picky. After all, this is a man who will wear pajamas 24/7 if he could. Truth be told, it’s harder to shop for mom or your significant other because, well, for all the reasons that you already know. But with dad, you know that you can buy a random tie from any department store, plunk it in a box, wrap it hastily, and give it to him, and you know that he’ll be pleased and that he’ll wear it ‘til it frays. But this year, you want to do things differently, but so far, all you’ve thought about is getting another generic greeting card to go with the, um, red tie that you picked out. C’mon, you can do better than that!


little girl carrying a big envelop
Give your dad something special on Father’s day!

This is the man who taught you how to ride a bike, and when you were older, he taught you how to drive. And this is the man (almost all Pinoy boys can relate to this) who gave you a taste of your very first alcoholic drink, while telling you that it’s ok to drink every now and then, but it’s not ok to be a sloppy drunk. He’s the man who referees when mom gets on your case, and who sneaks you an extra cup of ice cream when you really need it. He’s the one who gave you so many piggyback rides and the one who carried you when you were too tired to walk. So doesn’t your dad deserve some TLC and a well-thought out gift?

To help you out, here’s a guide on what to give your dad for Father’s Day.

1. For the hipster dad

Laid back and free spirited, this dad is effortlessly cool. He’s got the hipster essentials down—the thick rimmed glasses, the old-school sneakers, the vintage t-shirt. He’s got an enviable collection of CDs of obscure but totally cool bands, and he knows all the best places to go to for a rocking good time.


Give you hipster dad a cool G-Shock Digital Watch

For the hipster dad, get him any of the following: a G-Shock Digital Watch, a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Tops in his favorite color, or a pair of really cool sunglasses. For an additional treat, take him to the Cowrie Grill Greenhills for lunch or dinner. A 30 percent discount awaits dad’s meal, and diners also receive another discount voucher that can be used on the next visit.

2. For the Old-School Dad

He taught his sons to open doors for ladies, and he believes in good, old-fashioned values. He treasures his daughters and thinks the world of them, and makes sure to let his presence be known to all gentlemen callers who would like to get to know his babies a little better. His hobbies include classic dad activities such as golf, bowling, or enjoying the occasional cigar while sipping some brandy or whiskey.


dvd set
Give your dad a DVD box of The Godfather movies

For the old-school dad, get him the complete DVD box set of The Godfather movies, a Timex watch, or a nice flask for his whiskey. Then take the entire family to The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong for lunch. On Father’s Day, your dad gets to eat for free at the lunch buffet, but be sure to get there by 11AM because this offer is only good until 2PM. There has to be at least five people for this offer, so bring mom and your siblings too.

3. For the Army Sergeant Dad

Army Sergeant Dad is probably the strictest dad ever. He’s got you home for curfew by 22:00 or else your phone privileges will be revoked. He tells his daughters that they’re not allowed to date until they reach the age of 30—and they’re not sure if he’s kidding about that. But he’s also the one who will teach you important life skills, like changing a tire. He’ll also take you camping or fishing and will build you the most epic tree house you have ever seen in your entire life.


Give your dad a new jacket from Patagonia

For the Army Sergeant dad, give him a new tool kit to replace the busted one that he has been using forever; a nice shaving kit from Kiehls, or a new jacket from Patagonia or Nautica to wear on his fishing or camping trips. Army Sergeant dad is almost always a fan of red meat, so take him to B & P restaurant at Shaw Boulevard for the Eat with Dad Unlimited Ribs Promo. For only 599 pesos, your dad can fill up on juicy ribs served just the way he likes it.

4. For the Intellectual Dad

He’s the walking encyclopedia in the family. He has an answer for any question and he has an appropriate response for every situation. He plays chess like a pro and he’ll win at all sorts of trivia games. He walks around looking like a rumpled college professor, but he scores cool points for reading all the books from the Song of Fire and Ice books (that’s Game of Thrones to you) and can participate in a lively argument about all the characters in it. He eagerly awaits the latest installment from the Star Wars series and has an awesome collection of Star Wars memorabilia that will make fanboys swoon.


Buy your geeky dad a pair of cool eyeglass

Give the intellectual dad any of the following: a bag of gourmet coffee beans; a Nook e-book reader so he can take digital copies of his favorite books wherever he goes; a new pair of geek-chic glasses from EO Optical. Then take him to The Coffee Beanery for the Unlimited Cakes and Coffee promo. It’s the perfect way to cap off a great day.

5. For the Fun Dad

You know you’ve got a Fun Dad when everyone looks to him to lighten things up at family gatherings. He’s the one who will take you ziplining, and who will come up with funny experiments involving water balloons, hot air balloons, and plenty of soda, much to his spouse’s consternation. He will spend a random Saturday morning flipping pancakes just because he feels like it, and he won’t think twice about wearing a Batman cape out in public. He also has the funniest Facebook posts and Tweets ever, and all your friends agree that he’s the coolest dad ever.


smart phones
Buy your dad a smartphone

Treat your fun dad to any of the following: a Batman apron from The Clutter Shop; a Pocket Pint from Debenhams at Shangri-la Plaza so that he can have a perfect pint of beer anywhere; a new smartphone so he can post his hilarious take on fatherhood online wherever he is and whenever inspiration strikes. For fun-loving dads, a trip to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the best treat for Father’s Day that doubles as family bonding. Have fun going on all the rides and sampling all the carnival treats that is sure to get your dad giddy as a four year old kid.

On June 15, let’s all show our dads how much we love and appreciate them. Nix the tie-and-card routine and show him how much he means to you with a gift that truly matches his personality and unique tastes.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and I hope that you’ll enjoy your special day!

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