Ways to Spoil Your Mom on Mother’s Day

As a kid, you’ve probably given your mom a homemade card and made her breakfast in bed with help from your siblings or dad, and it made your mom’s eyes light up with appreciation for all your efforts just to show her that you love her. Now that you’re all grown up, it’s time to break out the big guns and go all out this year for a Mother’s Day extravaganza.


your mom's speacial day
Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day

Now, going all out doesn’t mean breaking the bank. I mean, we’re not talking about buying a BMW for mommy, but if that’s what you’re planning to do, hey, who am I to stop you? But spoiling her is about giving her the best day ever, based on her preferences and her lifestyle. It’s about showing her that you appreciate her, and this way, you’re letting her know that you’re grateful and that she deserves to be treated like the queen that she is.

Here are the ways that you can spoil your mom, based on the different kinds of moms.

1. For the Mom with the Sweet Tooth

If a sky-high blood sugar is not a problem, then let Mother’s Day be a sweet day, literally. Start off by making her a pancake breakfast. Smother the pancake with chocolate chips and watch her go to town on the whole stack. Or if cooking is not in your repertoire, have a pancake breakfast at any of the pancake joints that keep popping up in the Metro.


Make her pancakes for her breakfast

Brida Bistro in Rockwell, Makati City is famous for their buttermilk  pancakes, topped with a generous drizzle of maple syrup and dried cranberries. For 160 pesos, it’s a satisfying plateful of goodness your mom will surely love. Then, treat her to a chocolate-themed spa visit. The Spa at Greenbelt has a Chocoholic Indulgence Package that includes a coffee and chocolate scented body scrub, a massage using chocolate scented oil, and chocomint facial. Then, have lunch at any of the restaurants in Greenbelt 5, and cap off the day with tea and scones at The Tea Republic. And as the ultimate gift for the mom with the sweet tooth, give her a fondue maker so she can continue indulging, even after Mother’s Day.

2. For the Always on the Go Mom

She’s a whirlwind of frantic energy, constantly on her phone or tablet to keep up with her workload while trying to get dinner on the table. Encourage your always-on-the-go mom to relax and take some time for herself. First thing that you gotta do is to confiscate her tablet and phone for one day. Then, take a drive to Tagaytay and treat her to breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio’s. It’s a great way to start the day—imagine feasting on top-notch breakfast fare while gazing at the stunning view of the Taal Lake and enjoying the cool Tagaytay breeze.


Take a drive to Tagaytay

Make sure to get a spot by the window to get an unobstructed view of the lake and the Taal Volcano. Try the Walnut Turkish French Toast with brewed coffee. Make sure to get the refillable brewed coffee, it’s definitely worth it. After breakfast, take her to The Flower Farm. There’s just something so soothing about being surrounded by rows and rows of bright, beautiful flowers, and tall trees that let just the right amount of sunlight stream through the leaves. Or take a walk in Paradizoo, which is a theme zoo park. Take a walk near the Infinity Pool of Positivism, which looks over the entire farm and the sunken flower garden. Then have lunch at Sonya’s Garden, where they serve healthy and organic food. Lunch is an eat-all-you-can buffet of fresh greens, luscious fruits in season, freshly baked sesame bread, creamy chicken and mango pasta, and many more. The place is tucked away in an actual garden, so having a meal here has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. End the day with a romp at the People’s Park, and encourage your mom to go horseback riding, or ziplining with you. At the end of the day, she’ll be so relaxed and refreshed, she won’t even think about checking her email. Give her a gift certificate for another session of pampering at the spa, so she can relive the pampering experience all over again.

3. For the Selfless Mom

She always saves the best for you and dad—the choicest cuts of meat, the cheesiest slice of pizza, the fluffiest and most comfortable pillow, the plushest chair in the house. At the mall, she’ll spend the money on a new shirt for you even if she needs to replace her worn-out sneakers. She will make sure that everyone is well fed, while she distractedly takes a bite every now and then. She’s a selfless mom, and for Mother’s Day, it’s your turn to spoil her by letting her know that today, she comes first.


watch movie
Watch a movie

Treat her to a Sunday brunch buffet at Impressions Restaurant in Maxim’s Hotel at Resort’s World. It features fresh seafood imported from France, a caviar station, cheese, appetizer, hot and cold station and a dessert station. The food is excellent and bears all the hallmarks of fine French cuisine. For 2,100 pesos, this is a buffet that truly lives up to high expectations. Then take her to a movie at the Newport Cinema, which is likewise located at Resort’s World. Here, you can catch the latest blockbusters in comfort and luxury. For the ultimate viewing experience, you can buy tickets for you and your mom to watch movies at the Newport Ultra Cinema 1, with fully reclining seats, enclosed private cubicles for couples, unlimited popcorn and drinks, and even a butler service! Then, end the day with a bit of a shopping spree. Take your mom to Serendra at BGC so she can buy that classy yet practical bag that she wants from Charles David, and she can stock up on her makeup staples from MAC and Makeup Forever.

4. For the Mom who works far away from home

OFW Moms will surely appreciate a Mother’s Day surprise from her family. There are many ways to show that you care, even if you can’t be with her. Start the day by calling her up on her mobile phone and greet her. Take time to listen and chat with her. You can also arrange to have a bouquet of flowers sent to her place of work.


bouquet of roses
Send her bouquet of roses

Go online and research the establishments that could do this type of delivery within her city limits and accepts payment via credit card or Paypal. Then, go on Skype to get some face time with her. Make a slideshow of all the pictures that she took of you and your family through the years, complete with her favorite song. You can also make a short video of you and your siblings talking about why your mom is the best, then post the video on Facebook and Youtube. Let the world know that your mom is the best, and that you appreciate her sacrifices and all her efforts to support the family.

Truly, there’s no one else like our moms to show us love, care and affection, that’s why they deserve the very best. To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your special day!

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