The Scoop on Sun Cellular’s Celebrity Endorsers

Nowadays, most people know that in order to move products, sometimes you need a little help from celebrity endorsers. This holds true especially in the mobile phone service provider industry. In the Philippines, there are three major brands that are vying for customers’ loyalty and patronage, each with their own talented roster of celebrity endorsers. But there’s something about Sun Cellular’s choice of endorsers that is truly special. One thing they have in common is that they are all wholesome, and teenagers aspire to be just like them. All of them are achievers in their own right, not just pretty faces that hawk cell phone load or Internet services. Let’s take a closer look at Sun Cellular’s celebrity endorsers and what makes them stand out above the rest.

SUN logo
Sun Cellular’s Logo

Judy Ann Santos

She is one of the Philippines’ best actresses of all time, and one of the most loved as well. She’s credible because she grew up in front of the camera without going through an awkward, rebellious or crazy phase that seems to be the norm for a lot of young stars nowadays. She is versatile, practical, flexible and innovative, which makes her a perfect Sun Cellular endorser.

She has garnered critical acclaim both in the country and abroad for her TV and movie roles. From her pioneering roles as TV’s favorite soap opera princess in Ula, Mara Clara, Esperanza, Krystalla and Ysabella, audiences cheered for her when she triumphed, and cried with her when she shed tears. She has successfully navigated both dramatic and comedic roles in movies such as Ploning (which was the Philippines’ first entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2008), Kasal Kasali Kasalo and Sabel.

judy ann santos
Judy Ann Santos – Versatile Actress

The way Judy Ann ascended to superstardom status was devoid of any hard sell from studio machinery. This endeared her more to the hearts of the viewing public, who were able to relate to her down to earth and unassuming persona both on and off camera. These attributes helped seal her status as one of the most influential celebrity endorsers in the country today.

Nowadays, she is busy being a wife to TV host and actor Ryan Agoncillo, her husband of almost five years. She is also a mother to their two children, Yohan and Lucho. She has opted not to take on any soap opera projects for the moment as she intends to devote more of her time to her family. Currently, she hosts the game show Bet on Your Baby, which airs every Sunday on ABS-CBN.

KC Concepcion

The only daughter of 80’s heartthrob Gabby Concepcion and the Philippines’ Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, KC has always been considered showbiz royalty, and some even refer to her as the nation’s princess given the fact that her parents were the most promising reel and real-life couple back in the 80’s. Her parents’ union did not last long—eventually, they separated after four years of being married.

Throughout her younger years, KC has always been adored by the media though she didn’t enter show business right away. She started by doing commercials in 2003, and even became an MTV Asia VJ. The same year, just when everyone thought that she was going to shoot her first movie, she flew to France to study at the American University of Paris, where she took up International Corporate Communications with a minor in Theater Arts. It was not until she graduated that she made her official acting debut in the Philippines.

kc concepcion
KC Concepcion – MTV Asia VJ

As the years went by, KC became a spokesperson for top brands in the country, including Sun Cellular. She is one of the most passionate actresses in the country today and is known to be very hardworking and serious about her craft. According to a source from Sun Cellular, she showed the utmost professionalism and went to great lengths to know about the company, down to the details of the promos and offerings, such as its inclusions, rewards and extensions. The source said KC was unique because she didn’t just want to be a face of their product but a brand ambassador as well.

Currently, she is a National Ambassador Against Hunger of the UN’s World Food Program. She has also taken a brief break from show business to pursue a short acting course in New York City to improve her craft. She continues to maintain a good image, which has made her an ideal role model for the Filipino youth.

Solenn Heussaff

This stunning beauty made waves when she flashed that French-Filipina allure as one of the castaways in a reality game show in 2010. Everyone seemed to be rooting for the castaway with the unusual name and equally rare appeal. But Solenn’s beauty was not the only thing that brought her where she is today. Real talent and dedication made her a household name—as an actress, TV host, singer, and model. She is a person of many skills, as Solenn is also a fashion designer, a painter, and a professional makeup artist among others.

In just a span of three years since almost winning the ultimate survivor title, Solenn has achieved so much in her career that soon, she surpassed everyone’s expectations that she would be just another It Girl. Now, she’s known as a renaissance woman. Her success is well-chronicled with a string of movies, TV shows and awards—both in acting and recording—that one wonders whether there is something that she cannot do. Her awards include Best Female Newcomer from Yahoo OMG Awards, 2012 New Female Recording Artist of the Year, and Best New Movie Actress. Not bad for someone who’s in show business for only three years.

solenn heussaff
Solenn Heussaff – French-Filipina Actress

One thing that made her say yes to being a Sun Cellular endorser was the fact that she has already been using the company’s internet service prior to being asked. Although she’s not a techie, she admits to being a heavy Internet user. By today’s standards, that means being online 24/7 whether she’s on Twitter promoting projects, catching up with her friends on Facebook, or just randomly browsing the net. Solenn is also admin to some of her fan pages and personally updates these sites whenever she can. Apart from this, she enjoys social networking, net surfing, chatting and shopping online.

She reveals that she is very much a laptop person, as it’s her constant source of entertainment. She mentions that since she is familiar with the quality of Sun Broadband, joining the Sun Cellular family as its newest endorser was a good choice for her. And if her name is any indication, Sun and Solenn could be very well fated to be together. According to name websites, Solenn as a girl’s name is a variant of the Spanish term “Solana”, which means sun or sunlight. What could be more perfect than that?

Nowadays, Solenn is busy promoting her first film of the year, Da Possessed, a laugh-a-minute movie that will put her comedic chops to the test. She also stars in a soap opera and has a very active presence on the Internet.

Just like Judy Ann, KC, and Solenn, one can achieve many great things by making good choices. Check out the latest from Sun Cellular and Sun Broadband to enjoy the special offers of this company that garnered a thumbs-up from all three ladies.

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