The Best Prepaid Promos from Smart

I remember back in 1997 when I got my first cell phone from Smart. Kids, if you’re reading this, you’d be interested to know that back in the day, you couldn’t just get a cell phone from the store, you had to get it from a mobile network provider. My mom chose Smart, and I became the proud owner of a mobile phone that was as big and almost as heavy as a brick (it was a Nokia 9000, and it had an antenna), and I had about 200 minutes of talk time which I had to use wisely. We didn’t have texting yet, and there was no such thing as a prepaid plan or prepaid credits. So, if I burned through my minutes yakking with my friends and discussing the latest Alanis Morissette song, then that was that. I had to wait for my mom to pay the bill until I could use my phone again. I remember going to my dad’s province on vacation and being the only teenager with a cell phone. Sometimes, I’d get so frustrated with the lack of credits on my phone, and since most of my friends didn’t have a mobile yet, I would just go back to using the good old landline. At least I could talk for hours using that.

smart logo
Smart company logo

Fast forward to 2014. Take a look around and it seems like everyone has a cell phone. In fact, 65% of the country’s youth own a cell phone, and you can hardly take a walk in the mall without bumping into a kid that’s texting while walking, or perhaps engrossed in a game of Flappy Bird. My 10-year old son has about 150 contacts on his phone, and since I didn’t know how he gets to communicate with most of them almost every day, I casually asked him how he can afford to buy load. I know he didn’t get it from me. From grandma, perhaps? With an eye roll, he replied, “Duh mom, I’m registered to Unlitxt.” Turns out my son has found out about the various prepaid promos from Smart. By allotting a small portion of his allowance to buy credits, he gets to stay in touch with his cousins and friends, sometimes on a daily basis.

Here are the following Smart prepaid promos that you should definitely check out.

1. Unli Call and Text 25

This is my son’s favorite promo since it costs only 25 pesos and a maintaining balance of 1 peso. With this promo, you’ll have unlimited calls to Smart and Talk n Text numbers, and unlimited texts to Smart, Talk n Text, and Sun Cellular numbers. You’ll also get 50 texts to other networks, plus 15MB of mobile internet. The promo is valid for one day. The Unli Call and Text promo is available in other denominations. There’s the Unli Call and Text 30 which gives you unlimited texts to all networks, and Unli Call and Text 100 which is valid for 4 days of unlimited calls and texts. To register, text UNLI and the denomination of your choice and send to 6406.

2. Nokia Express Browser

If you’re using a Nokia phone that has Internet capability and Nokia Xpress browser, then this promo might become a huge favorite of yours. You’ll have unlimited Internet access for one day for as low as 15 pesos. For 80 pesos, you’ll have unlimited net surfing for 7 days; for 160 pesos, unlimited surfing for 15 days; and for 299 pesos, unlimited surfing for 30 days. Note that this promo will only be available on the following Nokia phone models:

  • Series 100
  • Series 200
  • Series 300
  • Asha Series 200, 300, and 500
  • X Series
  • C Series

To register, text NXB and the denomination of your choice to 211.

3. Smartalk 100

If you prefer to talk to your friends on the phone instead of texting them, then this promo is for you. Smartalk 100 gives you 5 days of unlimited calls to all Smart networks. It costs 100 pesos, and needs only a maintaining balance of 1 peso to keep the promo active. To register, text TALK100 to 6400. Once you’ve registered, you can now make unlimited calls. To make a call, dial *6400 plus the 11-digit Smart number.

4. Always On 499

opera mini
Opera Mini on your phone

Can’t imagine being without Internet access, even for a day? The Always On 499 promo is definitely for you. This promo works best if you have Opera Mini on your phone, since it consumes less data, therefore maximizing your data allocation. For 499 pesos, you’ll get 30 days of unlimited surfing on your phone, giving you Internet access whenever you want it. To register, simply text ON 499 to 2200.

5. Opera UnliSurf 15

For only 15 pesos, you can access your favorite websites anytime, anywhere for one whole day. All you need is the Opera Mini app installed in your phone, and 15 or 60 pesos load. The 60 peso variant is good for 5 days of unlimited net surfing. To register, text OPERA <space> denomination of your choice and send to 211.

6. All Text 20

This is the ideal promo for all texting champs. If you like to forward jokes, quotes, or communicate with your friends via SMS, you can have unlimited texts for 1 day with the All Text 20 promo. This will give you unlimited texts to all networks, and you only need 20 pesos load plus 1 peso maintaining balance to keep the promo active. To register, text AT20 to 2827.

7. Barkada Chat

line app
Line Messaging on your phone

Love chatting on messenger apps? Now you can chat all you want, and you don’t even have to find a Wifi spot. The Barkada Chat promo allows you to go on different messenger apps to have real-time conversations with family and friends. For 10 pesos, you can access Line Messaging and it’s valid for 1 day. Text LINE 10 to 2200 to register. If you prefer to use WeChat, it can be accessed for 10 pesos for one whole day. Text WECHAT 10 to 2200.

8. All Text 30

This promo is similar to the All Text 20, except for 10 pesos more, you’ll get unlimited texts to all networks for 2 days. To register, text AT30 to 2827.

9. TRI-NET 100

Do you need to be online, and make lots of calls and texts? This promo has it all. With Tri-Net 100, you’ll have 750 texts to all networks, 35MB of Internet data, and 120 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun or Talk n Text networks for 7 days. Staying in touch with loved ones has never been easier. To register, you’ll need 100 pesos worth of credits, then text TRINET100 to 2477. What’s more, you’ll be happy to know that the one thing that makes this promo stand out from all other promos is that you can avail of other promotions while TRI-NET 100 is still active on your phone. This is available until May 15, 2014 only.

There you have it, the best prepaid promos from Smart. Please note that these promos do not auto register, so you will have to register again once your chosen promo expires. Have some extra load as maintaining balance to keep promos active. Most of all, remember that you can only register for one promo at a time.

Have fun staying in touch with your family and friends, while saving money on credits! I know my son does, and so can you, with Smart Prepaid Promos.

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