Using TopUpPH on your Smart Phone or iPhone

As our iPhone and Android apps are still under development, we thought that you might like to use our cool looking App Icon now to be part of your home screen.

In just 4 easy steps, you will be able to use our “app” anywhere, by using your smart phone or your tablet.

Step 1. Simply open your browser or Safari in this case, and load

top up Philippines app
Load on your Phone’s Browser


Step 2. You will see a “send” icon beside the URL bar. Press on that icon and select” Add to Home Screen”

top up Philippines add to iphone
Touch the Arrow Icon and select “Add to Home Screen


Step 3. Give us a name. In this case, you can name us “TopUp PH” but you can go with something more memorable to you like “Smart Load” – “Globe Load” or “Sun Load” 

top up Philippines app name
Change the name to TopUp PH or a memorable name


Step 4. You’ll see our App magically appear beside your latest apps. Anytime you want to load, just click on the app icon and you’ll be sent to our site. 

send load to philippines app
You’ll see us easily beside your latest Apps. Ignore the Clumsy Ninja…


If you want to count, it’s actually just 3 steps. It won’t take you longer than 2 minutes.

With our app on your home screen, you can easily load up your Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk n Text or Sun mobile numbers without the hassle of opening your computer.

Just click on the app icon, enter the mobile number, and finalise payment.

Our system is now 8 times faster than before so you almost instantly get the load right after purchase!

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