The Good, The Odd and The Scary: Getting Around Metro Manila (Part Two)

Last time, we put the focus on three of the most common ways to navigate Metro Manila, namely the jeepney, the tricycle and the MRT. Among the three, I would say that by far, my favorite is the MRT. Aside from getting me to my destination on time, it also made me feel quite safe because I was in a separate car along with other women. Braving the roads of Metro Manila is quite an ordeal for me—not only am I not used to it, but I’m just too plain scared to do it, especially if I’m in a confined space with strange men. I’m sure some of them are perfectly nice and won’t do anything wrong, but I guess that’s just me. Really, I should just live as a hermit in the mountains of Cordillera if this goes on much longer. That’s just one of the reasons why this experiment began: so I could get familiar with the ways to zip around the metro. Well, that and the rising price of gas, which is just criminal.

Passengers in a public transportation

Anyway, let’s continue the experiment. I rode a couple more modes of transportation but on different days since I didn’t want to push it. With my luck, I could very easily end up in Marikina when I’m aiming to go to Mall of Asia. So, one transpo at a time works for me. Continue reading “The Good, The Odd and The Scary: Getting Around Metro Manila (Part Two)”

The Odd, The Good, and The Scary: Getting Around Metro Manila

When it comes to commuting, I confess, I am kind of a Nervous Nelly. Sadly, I do not possess the natural confidence of others to just hop on a bus or a train, then casually step off of the vehicle upon arrival at their destination. I have this irrational fear of getting off at the wrong stop, getting trampled by commuters during the rush hour, and truthfully, I just want to avoid the hassle of it all.

manila commuters
Manila commuters during rush hour

I think it has something to do with a childhood ordeal wherein I fell asleep on a bus, and upon waking up, I didn’t find any sign of my dad. I screamed bloody murder for about a minute. Turns out he just walked to the back part of the bus to make a sales pitch to an acquaintance of his (note that during this time, my father was working as an encyclopedia salesman). And that’s why I have issues with public transport of any kind. And encyclopedias, for that matter. Thanks a lot, dad. Continue reading “The Odd, The Good, and The Scary: Getting Around Metro Manila”

Top 10 Weird but Awesome Filipino Foods You’ve Got to Try

Filipino foods are mighty awesome, and we crave them when we need comforting or just when we want a taste of home. Most of these foods even spark fond memories, and eating them seems to bring back the good ol’ days again and again. Yet to the uninitiated, some of our good eats are just plain weird. Yes, we aren’t talking about main stream fastfood and drinks (like milk tea) today!

For instance, we have various animal spare parts skewered on sticks and eaten as snacks, though some people would rather throw said parts away than have them for appetizers. We have dishes with all sorts of foods mixed together, and some of these combinations don’t even make any sense.

street foods
Pinoy street foods

What brought about these foods and why do we like them so much anyway? If we go way, way back, past our great grandma’s time, it is said that most of our cuisine came to be because of our instinct for survival and our need to make use of whatever’s on hand to make a meal.

Whenever an animal was butchered, all the parts were prepared so that they could be fit to consume, so even the innards were meticulously cleaned and prepped instead of discarded.

Also, because of the influences of Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese and American culture, our cuisine has evolved to reflect certain aspects of these cultures. So instead of one distinct flavor, what we get is an interesting blend of flavors in one dish.

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Using TopUpPH on your Smart Phone or iPhone

As our iPhone and Android apps are still under development, we thought that you might like to use our cool looking App Icon now to be part of your home screen.

In just 4 easy steps, you will be able to use our “app” anywhere, by using your smart phone or your tablet.

Step 1. Simply open your browser or Safari in this case, and load

top up Philippines app
Load on your Phone’s Browser


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Benefits of Cellphone Load as Gifts to Philippines

Perhaps your friends or relatives in the Philippines would prefer cash as gifts because it gives them the chance to choose what to buy out of the money.
However, not all of us can afford to send a significant amount of money out as gifts.
Although we can buy useful stuff at cheap prices, there still is no assurance that our loved ones will appreciate them.

Instead of being hesitant with what to give, and to save you time on shopping, you may want to consider cellphone load as gifts.
This is undeniably useful for a relative that owns a cellphone.
Generally, whether you send load or not, he will still need to get load credits and pay for it by himself.

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